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2003-09-09 02:58:07 by Martin Nilsson <>

Changes up to now.

Rev: CHANGES:1.88

4:   o Generation of LDSHARED bugfixed so that building of 3:rd party    modules works.   o Bugfixes to String.Buffer.`+ and String.Buffer.`+=. + o Bugfix in String.Buffer wide string handling.   o is_absolute_path can now handle empty strings.   o FakeFile works as Stdio.File when reading more than what is stored    in the file.
12:   o Buffer overflow fixed in _Roxen.   o Several iterator bugs fixed.   o Array.lyskom_sort_func bug fixed. + o Bug fixes in Microsoft Windows installation. + o Made -e and --execute work on IRIX for large pids. + o Fixed PSD decoding bug for images with small masks. + o Bugfix for ID3v2 tag decoding. + o Corrected Stdio.FakeFile API to be more like Stdio.File. + o Bugfixes in Web.Crawler. + o The fd flags are now cleared before calling callbacks on POLLERR and +  POLLHUP to prevent nonblocking I/O to hang on fds where errors have +  occured earlier. + o Several minor stability fixes (use less stack, better argument +  checking, etc) in some functions. + o The Foo::this implementation is reworked to work correctly with +  parent pointers through inherits. + o Better object file dumping. + o Removed an overoptimization that could cause some casts to disappear +  even when they might have effect. + o Fixed a bug that caused has_index((<1>),1) to return 0. + o Fixed a memory leak that appeared when doing `- or `& on a mapping +  or multiset. + o Fixed a core dump when doing `[]= on a string with invalid index. + o Fixed a bug that in rare cases would make identifiers disappear from +  programs. + o Fixed a bug that could cause the parser to hang when a tag callback +  returned the empty string and there's a data callback registered. + o Bugfix for handling of NUL in %{%} in sprintf. + o Added kludge to avoid race condition in syslog(2) in +  glibc/linuxthreads.         Changes since Pike 7.4.10: