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2008-05-30 11:48:01 by Henrik Grubbström (Grubba) <>

Added note about #pragma {no_,}deprecation_warnings.
Added some examples about how to use __deprecated__.
Added note about API-change needed to implement object subtypes.

Rev: CHANGES:1.99

193:    NOTE! C-API incompatibility!    NOTE!    + o Inherit level argument added to several object handling functions. +  +  In order to implement subtyping of objects, and extra argument +  "inherit_level" has been added to many object indexing related +  functions. +  +  NOTE! +  NOTE! C-API incompatibility! +  NOTE! +    Extensions and New Functions      o __attribute__ and __deprecated__
200:    It's now possible to set custom attributes on types. This is    currently used to improve the argument checking for sprintf()    and related functions, and for marking symbols as deprecated. +  eg:    -  +  __deprecated__ mixed obsolete_function(); +  __deprecated__(mixed) obsolete_return_value(); +  mixed fun(__deprecated__(mixed) obsolete_arg); +  __deprecated__(mixed) obsolete_variable; +    o __func__       The symbol __func__ now evaluates to the name of the current
211:       error("Error in " __func__ ".\n");    + o #pragma {no_,}deprecation_warnings +  +  Warnings for use of deprecated symbols can be turned off for a +  segment of code with +  +  #pragma no_deprecation_warnings +  +  and turned on again with +  +  #pragma deprecation_warnings +    o limit()       The new toplevel function limit(a, x, b) is a convenience function