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2018-02-08 09:39:46 by Henrik Grubbström (Grubba) <>

CHANGES: Updated with the latest Filesystem.Monitor fixes.

88:      o Filesystem.Monitor    +  - Fixed some backend_check rescheduling isusues. +  +  adjust_monitor() didn't reschedule the backend_check() call_out +  if the adjusted monitor already was at the head of monitor_queue. +  This caused polls to be delayed in some common cases. +  +  register_path() didn't reschedule the backend_check() call_out. +  If the newly registered monitor ends up at the head of the monitor_queue, +  the backend_check() call_out likely needs to be rescheduled. +     - Fixed issue with next_poll being set to zero causing polling    every second.       - Fixed indexing the NULL value error when InotifyMonitor was used in    combination with a filter_file() that doesn't accept everything.    -  +  - Removed obsolete special case for co_id == 1. +    o HTTPLoop:       Fixed some potential race conditions.