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2003-03-21 14:14:35 by Henrik Grubbström (Grubba) <>

Some improved bugfix descriptions.

Rev: CHANGES:1.73

2:   ----------------------------------------------------------------------      o Bugfix in Parser.C. "!=" is now considered one token instead of two. - o depend_p() bugfix in las. +    o Bugfixed loop over-optimization.   o Postgres 7.3+ correctly detected.      o "Backported funcion_object fixes from Pike 7.5"/"function_object()    now behaves as in Pike 7.2. The other cases have been moved to    function_program()." - o "OOB callback fixes for select(2) mode." - o "Fix for running in UNLOCKED mode." - o "Backported identifier lookup fixes from Pike 7.5." - o "Fixed identifier sort bug in the old program decode method." - o "Backported object index lvalue fixes from Pike 7.5." - o "Bugfix in F_{INC,DEC}{,_NEQ}_LOOP." +    o "MKREADSET: If elements e and e+1 have their places swapped, it    doesn't mean that there are overlapping ranges, just that the sort    function is unstable. It doesn't matter. Live with it."   o "Backported native argument handling fixes from 7.5." (java) - o "Backported fpsetmask() paranoia from Pike 7.5." (_math) - o "Fixed LARGE_FILE bug. Thanks to Dan Nelson." (files) +       o Added System.dumpable() which can be used on Linux to enable    coredumping even for seteuid/setegid processes.
35:    fixes some start up crashes in Microsoft Windows when invoking Pike    with the wrong path.   o Process.create_process()->set_priority now works on Microsoft Windows. - o SDL and GL now compiles, links and works on Microsoft Windows. + o SDL and GL now compile, link and work on Microsoft Windows.   o Produce real zeroes and not false function pointers when a local    function with only a prototype is referenced. This was a compatibility    problem; there's code that assumes that false values can't be    function references. - o Fixed GTK issue where the new and old signal callback signature was + o Fixed GTK issue where the new and old signal callback signature were    randomly used for signals connected with signal_autoconnect(). This    method now always uses the old method while a new method,    signal_autoconnect_new() uses the new interface.
81:    64 bit negative integers were converted to bignum objects.   o Fixed bug in trampoline objects so that they can be indexed and    printed as normal objects. + o Accesses from child objects to symbols in their parent objects will no +  longer pass through LFUN::`[]() and LFUN::`[]=(). + o The object identifier index sorting order is no longer locale-dependent. + o The opcodes F_{INC,DEC}{,_NEQ}_LOOP are now aware that the upper limit +  not neccessarily is an integer.   o Fixed a bug in the dependency analyser. It didn't check arguments to    side-effect free functions for written variables, which could cause    overoptimization breakage. - o Fixed Image.Image(1,1)->scale(0.5)->scale(2.0) segmentation fault bug. + o The initialization code no longer calls fpsetmask(0) on operating +  systems where this API call is broken (eg OpenBSD 3.2/alpha). + o Stdio.Stat()->size is now LARGEFILE aware. + o Clearing a read-callback on operating systems that use select(2) no +  longer leaves it active in the read fd set if there is a read +  out-of-band data callback. + o Fixed bug in Image.Image()->scale(0.5) where it could generate zero- +  size image objects.      Changes since Pike 7.2.30:   ----------------------------------------------------------------------