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2008-04-26 15:03:41 by Henrik Grubbström (Grubba) <>

Some notes about the compiler changes.

Rev: CHANGES:1.86

14:    runtime flags) have moved from main.h to pike_embed.h, in an attempt    to add support for embedding.    + o Major compiler API cleanups. +  The Pike compiler is now executing in a pike function context +  (rather than in an efun context), and it is possible to customize +  some of its behaviour via inherit (rather than via handler objects). +  As a consequence the compiler is now much closer to being thread-safe. +    o New `[..] operator function.    Range operations have been separated from the `[] operator function    and is handled by a new `[..] which provides greater control in how
144:   o protected    The modifier protected is now an alias for the modifier static.    + o Pike_fp->context +  Pike_fp->context is now a pointer to the current struct inherit +  rather than a copy of it. This allows for easier access to +  inherited symbols in C-code.    -  +    Extensions and New Functions    -  + o __attribute__ and __deprecated__ +  It's now possible to set custom attributes on types. This is +  currently used to improve the argument checking for sprintf() +  and related functions, and for marking symbols as deprecated. +    o ADT.BitBuffer       Added read() method that reads whole bytes from the buffer and