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2006-06-01 08:03:47 by Peter Bortas <>


Rev: CHANGES:1.106

20:   o Fixed a rare PNG decoding issue.   o Proper handling of NULL elements in Postgres.   o Fix for potential SQL injection vulnerability in Postgres. + o Added support for WSAECONNRESET in SSL on win32.      Other:   
30:   o Various UCS-2/SQLWCHAR related fixes in Odbc. Potentially fixes    problems where wchar_t is 4 bytes (eg MacOS X).   o More multiset gc fixes. - o Improved support for Darwin x86. +    o Fixed support for running dmalloc Pike with -d.    -  + Build fixes: + o Fixed VC8 compilation. + o Fixed support for C++ modules. + o Improved support for Darwin x86.    -  +    Changes since Pike 7.6.50   ----------------------------------------------------------------------