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2012-03-20 04:44:12 by Bill Welliver <>

CHANGES: working on new 7.8 release notes

4:   Extensions and New Functions   ----------------------------    + o Added module ZXID +    o Added module Search.       This module implements a free text search database. It needs some
49:    Allow directly specifying the body of a POST request (needed for the Google    Apps API).    +  A more complete list of response codes and descriptions is included and used. +  +  Query includes proxy support for GET (http/https) and POST (https) in both +  sync and async mode. +  +  Query exposes close() so you do not have to wait for garbage collection. +  +  Server adds Basic Range support. +  + o Regexp.PCRE.replace() adds support for capture groups. +    o Updated timezone data to tzdata2010o.      o String.normalize_space
81:    Added support for AES to SSL3, and fixed bug that prevented some    handshake failure alerts to be sent to the client.    - o SSL -  +     Implemented RFC 5746 "TLS Renegotiation Indication Extension".    -  +  Support parsing of Hello Extensions (RFC 5246 +    o ADT.Heap->values and ->num_values can now be overloaded.    -  + o Added support for binding a Protocols.DNS server to multiple port/interface +  combinations.    -  + o Support for asynchronous DNS query replies in Protocols.DNS. +  + o Calendar +  +  dwim_time() should know how to parse ISO 8601 timestamps. +  +  Added Calendar.Greek. +  + o Process.spawn(), popen() and system() et al now use Process.Process. +  + o Process.Process adds support for spawning processes via forkd. +  + o Added functions to access the numerator and the denominator of a Gmp.mpq. +  + o Added lower level functions Tools.X509.[dr]sa_sign_key(). This makes it +  easier to create hierarchial certificates. make_selfsigned_[dr]sa_certificate() +  now use the corresponding [dr]sa_sign_key(). +  + o Added SSL3.sslfile.{set,query}_callbacks() as per Stdio.File. +  + o Added the !-modifier for sscanf(). +  + o Added Int.reflect(). +  + o Image.Dims adds support for Photoshop files. +  + o Added Gmp.encode_json(). +  + o Added Thread.Queue.peek_array. +  + o Add System.getloadavg() on platforms that support the getloadavg() call. +    Optimizations   -------------   
99:    is 1 MB). This change improves ApacheBench numbers ~20% for a Roxen    benchmark on a quad-core Core i5.    + o String.trim_all_whites is 10% faster and includes all Unicode.    -  +    Deprecations   ------------   
107:    driver is faster, better tested, more stable, maintained, has more    features, does not depend on external libraries and is less filling.    + o Stdio.File: << is deprecated.    -  +    Incompatible changes   --------------------   
126:   Bug fixes   ---------    + o Fixed backward compatibility for Calendar.iso_name() and +  Calendar.iso_short_name(). +  + o Fix evaluation order for Calendar.YMD.`+(). +    o Fixed backtraces when Protocols.HTTP.Query objects where garbage    collected. [bug 5730]   
184:   o Fixed encoding/decoding bug in "pike -x httpserver" that prevented    files with space in the name from being accessable.    + o Multiple multipart file submissions in Protocols.HTTP.Server will be +  preserved as suggested by HTML5. +  + o Protocols.HTTP.Query fixes broken state when open_socket() has thrown +  an error. +  + o Tools.Standalone.httpserver has fixed entity encoding. Makes files +  with spaces in them accessible. +  + o Protocols.HTTP Sets the content-length header for zero-length data. +  Fixes [bug 5936]. +  + o Protocols.HTTP.Query uses content-length instead of content_length. +  The latter will be corrected in the encode method, but is problematic +  when that function is overridden. +  + o Protocols.HTTP.Query filters weak SSL-ciphers rather than explicitly +  listing strong ones. +  + o Protocols.HTTP includes some close, state reset and keep-alive handling +  fixes. +    o Fixed bug that prevented the literal zero from being considered a constant.    -  + o Added Autodoc support for new-style getter and setter syntax.    -  + o Fixed support for documenting arguments to implicit create(). +  + o Fixed bugs in handling of abrupt SSL3 remote close. sslfile now also triggers +  EPIPE errors if the user attempts to read or write to a connection that +  has been abruptly closed (to detect truncation attacks better). +  + o Fixed issue where SSL3 async_client objects became garbage even after close(). +  +    Building and installing   -----------------------   
198:   o Some issues with the support for building modules needing    a C++ compiler have been fixed.    + o Made it possible to override $(OS) with an environment variable +  $PIKE_BUILD_OS.    -  + o Check for configure scripts built with pre-propagated_variables pike. +  + o Added Nettle/config.guess that knows about MaxOS X and x86_64. +  + o Fix broken detection of libjpeg lossless transformation support. +  + o Installer will no longer dump sql driver files that depend on +  system libraries. +  + o Fixed support for --without-threads. +  + o Fix to make dump.pike dump itself just like any other module class. +  + o Improved support for LIBPIKE. +  + o Added PIKE_CORE define to detect when not compiling a module. +  + o Improved support for autoconf 2.6x. +  + o Ensure that --with-rtldebug enables assertions. +  + o Now attempts to set up the PKG_CONFIG_PATH. +  + o Tools.Testsuite: +  +  Added some functions to make pretty logging in tests easier. +  +  Tools.Standalone.test_pike passes the verbosity level in an environment +  variable TEST_VERBOSITY to subtests. +  +  Tools.Testsuite accumulates multiple result reports. +    Changes since Pike 7.8.316 (second 7.8 release):   ----------------------------------------------------------------------