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2007-01-27 18:01:37 by Martin Nilsson <>

Latest fixes.

Rev: CHANGES:1.115

34:   o Changed Protocols.HTTP.Query async_close() to care about the value    returned by ponder_answer(). Fixes requests to broken servers that    don't send proper results. + o Fixed a bug in SSL module that could stop communication while +  keeping the connection open indefinitely.   o Fixed bad free_string() in exit_bytecode().   o Fixed an off-by-one crash when drawing alpha boxes all the way to    the bottom of the image.
46:    to encode programs that had not been fixated.   o Fixed some events in Calendar.Events.   o Fixed an inverted error test in Mysql.set_charset. + o Fixed a compilation crash of the Cache module on Pikes wihtout +  threads.   o Added support to Mysql for the charsetnr column attribute and proper    recognition of binary fields in unicode decode mode by using charsetnr    instead of the binary flag (which might be set for nonbinary columns
91:    --without-epoll.   o Added Objective C support to the module build system.   o Fixed libnettle bundle compilation on win32. + o Fixed compilation of ffmpeg.         Changes since Pike 7.6.66