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2004-09-12 19:50:10 by Martin Nilsson <>


Rev: CHANGES:1.86

1: + Changes since Pike 7.6.6 + ---------------------------------------------------------------------- +  + Changes in Pike code: +  + o Fixed a cyclic resolver problem when running Pike with -V7.4 + o Fixed #if constant so it doesn't rethrow a compilation error when +  #if constant failes to to compilation error. + o Better sslfile backward compatibility. + o Fix to prevent Regexp from throwing an error when PCRE isn't +  installed. + o Fixed pop() in ADT.Priority_queue. + o Fixes in Calendar.dwim_day for better accuracy. + o Major fixes and extensions of Parser.XML.Tree. + o Protocols.LMTP now displays correct error information. + o Content-type can now be set manually in Protocols.HTTP.Session. + o Protocols.LDAP now support paged searches. Fixed bugs related to +  dequoting and escaping values in filters. + o Fixed memory leak in Protocols.LysKOM. + o Fixed argument order in Remote.Client->provide. + o Fixed setting DES and DES3 keys. + o SSL now falls back to TLS 1.0 when accessed with SSL 3.2 (TLS 1.1). + o Fixed bug in decoding SSL2 hello messaged that caused incorrect +  padding of client challenges longer than 16 bytes. This caused some +  clients, typically based on OpenSSL, to fail to connect. + o Fixed an SSL bug that caused the session cache from working. + o Fixed an SSL bug where calls to the read callback could get lost +  when frequent switches between callback and non-callback mode +  occurs. + o Added EXIF kludge to handle broken FUJIFILM MakerNote. + o Fixed close in Stdio.FakeFile. + o Fixed Stdio.exist. + o Ensure that errno() is relevant if recurse_rm returns with an error. + o Fixed a type parser bug in Hilfe. + o rdf:ID and rdf:about now takes xml:base into account in Web.RDF. +  + Changes in C code: +  + o Fixed bug in profiling support. + o Backend and UDP fixes for poll and AIX. + o Fixed bug in f_exit when called with multiple arguments. + o Fix for segmentation fault in random_string with negative argument. + o Added mprotect workaround. + o Avoid default usage of machine code on OpenBSD. + o Improved handling out-of-stack errors. + o find_external_context() now supports objects being destructed. + o Fixed copy_mapping_recursively(). + o Fixed indices() and values() on objects to hide hidden items. + o rusage fix for system without 64 bit integer support. + o Fixes in create_process(). + o Fixed memory leak when createing tuned boxed images. + o MMX no longer used for `* and `+ image object operators because of +  precision problems. + o New module: Kerberos + o Mysql module support Mysql 4.1.3. + o Bugfix in dbdate_cast() in the Oracle module. + o Several bugfixes in Shuffler. + o Added Stdio.Port()->bind_unix(). +  + Other chages: +  + o Several fixes in the Pike package generation to make them work with +  GNU tar 1.14. + o Preliminary support for local variable extraction in unbug. +  +    Changes since Pike 7.4:   ----------------------------------------------------------------------