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2002-11-24 19:42:23 by Peter Bortas <>


Rev: CHANGES:1.33

292:    Contains decoders and encoders for audio. Currently WAV and MP3.    Note: The API remains marked "unstable".    - o Calendar.verify +     - o Crypto.MD4 + o Crypto.md4    Hash used for NT Lanmanager passwords.      o Crypto.crypt_md5 -  +  Convenience function to produce crypted $1$ style crypted +  passwords (commonly called MD5 passwords).      o Debug.Tracer -  +    o Debug.Subject -  +  Helper classes that helps in understanding what Pike is doing.      o Locale.Language   
314:   o XML.NSTree      o HTTP.Server +  A simple HTTP Server.      o Protocols.X.KeySyms   
328:   o Standards.RDF      o System.Time +  Used to get the current time with sub second precision.      o System.Timer -  +  Messures the time between two calls.      o Stdio.FakeFile -  +  Wraps a string and exports a Stdio.File interface.    - o Stdio.GZipFile + o Gz.File +  Pike can now compress and decompress the Gzip format.      o Stdio.expand_symlinks(string path)    Expands all symlinks along a path (returns 0 for broken links).
615:   system.usleep/nanosleep   system.Memory (a class to read/write from mmap'ed or allocated memory)   SDL +  + o Calendar.verify