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2004-10-30 11:52:24 by Martin Stjernholm <>

a[..<1] and `[..].

Rev: CHANGES:1.73

1:   Changes since Pike 7.6:   ----------------------------------------------------------------------    + o New syntax to index from the end in range operations. +  A "<" can be added before an index in the [..] operator to count +  from the end instead. This is convenient to e.g. chop off the last +  element in an array: a[..<1]. +  + o New `[..] operator function. +  Range operations have been separated from the `[] operator function +  and is handled by a new `[..] which provides greater control in how +  the range bounds are specified. For compatibility, if there is no +  `[..] then `[] is still called for range operations. +    o Stdio.*    Stdio.cp can now work recursively in a directory tree.    Stdio.cp now keeps permissions when copying.