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2002-10-31 11:37:39 by Johan Sundström <>

A shot at explaining automap.

Rev: CHANGES:1.24

89:    mixed any_index = Mapping.Iterator(m)->index();      o Automap +  To perform per-element operations on arrays, there is now a convenience +  syntax for map(), that can make code more readable in some situations. +  Summing up two arrays element by element using automap looks like this:    -  +  a[*] + b[*]; // the result has as many elements as the shortest array +  +  Multiplying all elements in a by a constant: +  +  a[*] * 4711; +  +  Make an array of what sprintf("%O", a[n]) returns for all elements in a: +  +  sprintf("%O", a[*]); +    o Implicit lambda.      o Access to hidden variables in surrounding scopes.