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2011-01-03 01:28:35 by Peter Bortas <>

Added som changes.

4:   Extensions and New Functions   ----------------------------    + FIXME: Complete to about 1 Apr 2010 +  + o Added module Search. +  FIXME: Needs a couple of paragraphs of description. +  + o ADT.Heap->values and ->num_values can now be overloaded +  FIXME: TOMUCHINFORMATION? +  + o has_prefix now works on objects. +    o Standards.JSON       New module for encoding and decoding JSON data. Implemented in C.
20:      o String.trim_all_whites    -  Extended to the entire range of Unicode white spaces. +  Extended to the entire range of Unicode white spaces. (And is faster.)      o Protocols.HTTP   
32:   o Integer constants exported by modules can now be used in cpp expressions.       + Optimizations + ------------- +  + o MIME should now use 1/3 less memory when decoding big messages. +  +    Deprecations   ------------   
58:   Bug fixes   ---------    + o Fixed problem with Calendar.month_from_yday() when applied on week +  53. [bug 5303] +  + o Fixed leak in the PNG decoder for images with tRNS chunk. +  + o System.normalize_path no long fails for files with 8-bit chars in +  their names. +    o Support undocumented OS behaviour on out-of-band data returning    EOPNOTSUPP and ECONNRESET when a stream is half closed.    The undocumented behaviour is found on (at least) 2.6.x Linux