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2004-06-01 19:23:27 by Martin Stjernholm <>

Fixed an old forgotten check-in.

Rev: CHANGES:1.85

68:    of elements that are equal. At first, we considered keeping the old    sort function in parallel with the new one, as a "faster but    unstable" alternative, but it turned out that there was no noticable -  different in speed between the new and the old function. +  difference in speed between the new and the old function.      o trace() can trace all threads    The configure option --without-thread-trace has been removed, but    instead the trace() function has been extended to make it possible    to set the trace level in all threads simultaneously.    -  + o the debug trace system is more configurable +  In addition to the trace levels set by the trace function or by +  the command line argument -t, trace can now be turned on and off +  for the individual subsystems. All trace levels have also been +  increased by one to make room for gc only messages at level 1. +    o unbug    The Pike debugger unbug has been significtly optimized.