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2005-08-13 22:50:56 by Martin Nilsson <>

A few more things

Rev: CHANGES:1.91

52:   o Zero-type is correctly cleared in a number of opcodes.   o Fixed leak in Oracle module when Oracle.Date objects are created or    cast. + o Several fixes for improved performance and compatibility with +  Oracle 9.   o Fixes for compiling under Solaris 10, AmigaOS4, OpenBSD and MacOS X.   o Machine code disabled under FreeBSD 5.x.   o Preprocessor now handles escaped newlines in ordinary text.
79:   o Do not decode non-shortest forms in utf8_to_string and _Charset, for    security reasons and unicode 3.1 compliance.   o Image.PNG: fix a memory leak. + o Image.FreeType: Added support for monochrome pixel fonts.   o Postgres: Fixes to create() variable 5 parsing.   o GTK: a number of typos were fixed.   o A large number of fixes for 64 bit architectures. -  + o Significant optimization of sscanf %*s and %*[...].      Other Changes: