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2002-11-25 04:18:31 by Martin Stjernholm <>

Some more info and corrections.

Rev: CHANGES:1.37

39:   o delay()/sleep()    sleep() no longer busywaits, which it previously did for small    values. The old behavior is available from the delay() function. +  (This has change been made in later 7.2 releases too.)      o search(string, int) / has_value(string, int)    Both of these methods now handle both looking for strings and
211:    It's possible to specialize a program variable by adding a program    identifier, much like an object variable can be specialized. E.g:    -  program(Stdio.File) fd = Stdio.File; +  program(Stdio.File) fd_prog = Stdio.File;      o ::_indices(), ::_values().    There are now two "magic" functions ::_indices() and ::_values()
278:    Contains decoders and encoders for audio. Currently WAV and MP3.    Note: The API remains marked "unstable".    -  +    o Crypto.md4    Hash used for NT Lanmanager passwords.   
538:    |    +-A---foo    - o Thread.Condition()->wait + o Thread.Condition()->wait() +  This function takes a mutex lock to unlock while it waits on the +  condition. That argument was previously optional, but not any +  more. The reason is that any code that leaves it out will always +  contain a race; it doesn't work to e.g. rely on the internal +  interpreter lock in this case.      o Protocols.HTTP    All methods in Protocols.HTTP that take a header mapping can now
568:   Compatibility changes without backward compatibility:   -----------------------------------------------------    - The folloing changes were considered bugs and have no backwards + The following changes were considered bugs and have no backwards   compatibility layer.    -  +    o enum and typedef have implicit local binding    enums and typedefs now always have static binding. In 7.2 they    could sometimes be dynamically bound.    - o Image.Layer modes modified. + o Image.Layer modes modified    Alpha channel handling for modes add, subtract, multiply, divide,    modulo, invsubtract, invdivide, invmodulo, difference, max, min,    bitwise_and, bitwise_or, bitwise_xor, screen and overlay modified so