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2019-03-31 17:54:25 by Tobias S. Josefowitz <>

Merge branch 'patches/lyslyskom23152065' into 8.0

* patches/lyslyskom23152065:
Filesystem.Tar: Reorder operations in extract_bits()

77:    - Fixed some corner cases where file names where missing from    backtraces.    + o Filesystem.Tar +  +  Fix extraction of S_ISUID and S_ISGID bits. +  +  POSIX mandates that after a chown() (by unprivileged users), the +  S_ISUID and S_ISGID bits are cleared, Linux 2.2.13 removed the +  special case for root. The order of chmod() and chown() have been +  reordered trying to fix an issue with applying utime() under +  Windows. With this change, utime() is applied first, then chown() +  and then chmod(), restoring the historical order for chown() and +  chmod(). +    o Image.Dims       - Fixed the inconsistency that Image.Dims.get_JPEG (and thus