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2008-07-14 18:44:22 by Peter Bortas <>

More FIXMEs + spello fix.

Rev: CHANGES:1.117

124:    The Pike compiler now supports mixin for symbols that have been    declared static.    +  FIXME: Explain in one or two sentences what a mixin is and what it's +  good for. +    o Implicit and explicit create().       The compiler now supports defining classes with both an implicit
194:       error("Error in " __func__ ".\n");    + o __dir__ +  +  FIXME +    o #pragma {no_,}deprecation_warnings       Warnings for use of deprecated symbols can be turned off for a
241:    formatting types of objects and programs.       - The new formatting directive %H can be used to format a string as -  a binary holertih string. +  a binary hollerith string.       > sprintf("%2H", "Hello");    (1) Result: "\0\5Hello"