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2017-06-27 10:44:53 by Stephen R. van den Berg <>

Document pgsql changes.

8:       The Concurrent module simplifies asynchronous code by synchronizing    events in different ways. As an example the connect() function shown -  below will repond with a Concurrent.Future object that at some point +  below will respond with a Concurrent.Future object that at some point    will represent either a connected socket or a failure.       Concurrent.Future connect(string host, int port)
53:    Concurrent.race(connect(host1, port1), connect(host2, port2))    ->then(make_requet, query);    + o Sql.pgsql +  +  Sped up BEGIN/COMMIT statements. +  Preserve the initial error message in case of multiple error messages +  during the same transaction. +  Flush out unseen error messages upon connection close to stderr. +    Bug fixes   ---------   
93:    Fixed an off by one error in random(mapping) that randomly caused    values of type PIKE_T_FREE from the freelist to be exposed to Pike.    + o Sql.pgsql    -  +  Closed a prepared-statement-cache race when the same statement +  is offered multiple times before it finalises the cache entry. +  Fix sync errors with the database in case of multiple running +  statements on a single connection that generate multiple errors. +    Changes since Pike 8.0.404 (release 8)   ----------------------------------------------------------------------