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2008-07-22 16:05:53 by Martin Stjernholm <>

Added change note for the GSSAPI module.

Rev: CHANGES:1.119

897:    argv = opts[Arg.REST];    }    + o GSSAPI +  +  Implements Pike access to GSS-API v2 as specified in RFC 2743. This +  API is used to authenticate users and servers, and optionally also +  to encrypt communication between them. The API is generic and can be +  used without any knowledge of the actual implementation of these +  security services, which is typically provided by the operating +  system. +  +  The most common implementation is Kerberos, which means that the +  main benefit of this API is to allow clients and servers to +  authenticate each other using Kerberos, thereby making single +  sign-on possible in a Kerberized environment. +    o GTK2       Wrapper for the GTK2 library. Not yet 100% completed, but usable.