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2015-12-31 20:18:44 by Peter Bortas <>


619:    information can be found on       + Incompatible changes + -------------------- +  + o Parser.XML.Tree: Fixed handling of namespaced attributes. +  +  Attribute namespaces starting with "xml" (except for "xmlns") are +  now handled just like any other attribute namespaces. This means +  that eg the attribute "xml:lang" will be expanded to +  "" in the mapping returned +  by get_attributes(), and not kept as "xml:lang" when namespace +  handling is enabled. +  +    Extensions and new functions   ----------------------------   
907:       + Added options to allow comparison with a previous run.    + o pike -x check_http +  +  This new tool can be used to check http/https connectivity to a host. +    o New stand-alone tools added to make it possible to build    documentation without the Pike build tree   
1384:    The configure tests will not check for functions defined in C89    anymore.    +    Lots of bug fixes   -----------------