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2012-04-11 03:57:14 by Bill Welliver <>

CHANGES: more notes for 7.8

101:       Support parsing of Hello Extensions (RFC 5246    + o Stdio +  +  New methods in Stdio.File: +  +  set_callbacks() and query_callbacks() for handling several callbacks at once. +  +  send_fd() and receive_fd() allow file descriptors to be sent and received over +  UNIX-domain sockets. +  +  The type for Stdio.Fd.create() is now as documented. +  +  Stdio.Terminfo contains a new class, MetaTerminfoDB, that merges several terminfo directories. +  +  Stdio.File()->query_address() now knows about IPv6-mapped IPv4 addresses. +  +  Added some extra magic to Stdio.File()->connect() when mixing IPv4 and IPv6 addresses. +    o ADT.Heap->values and ->num_values can now be overloaded.      o Added support for binding a Protocols.DNS server to multiple port/interface
138:      o Add System.getloadavg() on platforms that support the getloadavg() call.    + o Pike.Backend has reinstated call_out memory usage, and a new function, +  Pike.DefaultBackend.get_stats() for viewing this data. +  + o Locale.Charset now supports encoding and decoding UTF32. +    Optimizations   -------------   
151:      o String.trim_all_whites is 10% faster and includes all Unicode.    + o Improved performance of when threads aren't supported.    -  + o Locale.Charset improves performance of encoders when replacement is active +  by a few magnitudes. +    Deprecations   ------------   
279:      o Fixed issue where SSL3 async_client objects became garbage even after close().    + o Stdio.{write,append}_file() now throw errors in ALL failure modes.    - Building and installing - ----------------------- + o Stdio.cp should now work on directory trees on Windows.    -  + o Stdio.File()->query_address() should return a correct errno when given a +  socket with an invalid protocol family. +  + o Stdio.File()->file_peek() now refrains from releasing the interpreter lock +  if there's no timeout. +  + o Fix a buffer overrun when formatting Gmp.mpz as floats if the precision +  exceeds the number of digits. +  + o Parser.XML.Tree contains fixes for add_child_before() and add_child_after(). +  + o Parser.Tabular fixes support for Stdio.File objects. For example: +  +  Pike v7.8 release 468 running Hilfe v3.5 (Incremental Pike Frontend) +  > Parser.Tabular(Stdio.File("data.csv"), Stdio.File("format.csv")); +  + o Tools.X509 uses a unique serial number for each selfsigned certificate. +  Firefox otherwise complains about serial number clashes. +  + o Fixed return value from Regexp.PCRE.exec to always have entries for all +  submatches. +  + o sprintf: Ensure that decimal points are used when floats are formatted in +  casts etc. Previously the float formatting in casts and in sprintf("%O",...) +  were susceptible to locale settings and could therefore use something other +  than a '.' as decimal separator. Note that sprintf("%f",...) is still +  locale sensitive. +  + o Fuse has fixed support for readlink(). +  +  + Building, installing and developer tools + ---------------------------------------- +    o Fixed some library searchpath issues.      o Some potential fixes for --enable-pikelib mode on platforms had
315:      o Ensure that --with-rtldebug enables assertions.    - o Now attempts to set up the PKG_CONFIG_PATH. + o Configure script now attempts to set up the PKG_CONFIG_PATH.    -  + o Updated the ABI selector for MacOS X. Default to attempting the compiler +  default ABI (instead of forcing 32-bit ABI). +  + o CMOD Enhancements +  +  Tools.Standalone.precompile supports ranges for strings and negative +  int(low..high) bounds. +  +  Fixed bug in generate_overload_func_for() when there are alternatives +  accepting zero arguments. +    o Tools.Testsuite:       Added some functions to make pretty logging in tests easier.