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2006-12-29 00:11:42 by Peter Bortas <>

Added changes for the next release.

Rev: CHANGES:1.108

19:   o Added support for little endian TIFFs.   o Added support for TIFF to Image.Dims.   o Changed HTTP.Query to close connections explicitly. + o Changed sslfile to avoid blocking IO in destroy() as that could lock +  up the gc. You should explicitly close() SSL connections since the close +  packet might block.   o Improved Parser.XML.Validating.   o More paranoid checks of image headers when using Image.AVS.   o Fixes to make describe_value work as usual in the free pass of the
27:   o Fixed truncated field names in ODBC.   o Fixed masking of file positions larger than 2 GiB on 64-bit.   o Fixed low-level parsing of HTTP headers to not reorder the headers. - o Fixed an inverted error test in Mysql.set_charset. +    o Added set_charset and get_charset proxy functions to Sql.Sql.   o Changed Protocols.HTTP.Query async_close() to care about the value    returned by ponder_answer(). Fixes requests to broken servers that
35:   o Fixed bad free_string() in exit_bytecode().   o Fixed an off-by-one crash when drawing alpha boxes all the way to    the bottom of the image. - o FIXME_SPECIFY: "mast: Backported multiset fixes." + o Fixed a multiset bug that could cause incorrect multiset sizes. + o Fixed a multiset bug that caused ints to be called as sorting +  function when no sorting function was set. + o Fixed hour formatting in Calendar.Time.format_smtp(). + o Fixed TTL parsing of SRV records in Protocols.DNS. + o Fixed an inverted error test in Mysql.set_charset. + o Added support to Mysql for the charsetnr column attribute and proper +  recognition of binary fields in unicode decode mode by using charsetnr +  instead of the binary flag (which might be set for nonbinary columns +  too, e.g. "VARCHAR(17) BINARY").    -  +  Unfortunately this means that unicode decode mode is disabled if +  Pike is compiled with a client lib without support for the charsetnr +  attribute. That means libs before 4.1.0. If you want to enable it +  for compatibility reasons, set the environment variable +  PIKE_BROKEN_MYSQL_UNICODE_MODE when starting pike. +    Other:      o Improved Valgrind support.
64:    The old one does not work with GCC 4.1.   o Fixed problem where mysql_character_set_name exists in mysql.h but    not in the lib for some old mysql clients. + o Fixed epoll support to not require /dev/epoll on Linux. That means +  epoll will be enabled all mainstream Linux distributions running on a +  2.6 kernel. If for some reason you want to disable it use +  --without-epoll. + o Added Objective C support to the module build system.         Changes since Pike 7.6.66