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2005-07-25 18:26:37 by H. William Welliver III <>

ok, we're up to date.

Rev: CHANGES:1.89

1:   Changes since Pike 7.6.24 + ----------------------------------------------------------------------      Changes in Pike code:   
23:   o Hilfe: backport of additions from 7.7   o Protocols.LDAP.client: filter value unescaping function complies more    closely to the somewhat peculiar escape method in RFC 1960. + o Protocols.LDAP.client: The paged result control should be optional in +  the first search query and critical in the rest, not the other way +  around. This fixes servers that don't support paged queries in the whole +  tree.   o SSL.sslfile: Various fixes: notably the close callback is also called    on errors, which is consistent with Stdio.File. Added -  set_(non)blocking_keep_callbacks. +  set_(non)blocking_keep_callbacks. See also Pike.Backend.   o Stdio: Propogates return values from callbacks properly.   o Stdio: Always check that the user callbacks are installed before    calling them.   o Protocols.HTTP.Server.Request: allow methods other than POST to send    data in the request body, as long as the content-length header is set. -  + o Added support for versioned pike -x. + o Standards.EXIF: bugfix for BIAS. + o Web.Crawler: bugfix to cope better with non-absolute redirects.      Changes in C code:   
40:   o Displays errors when the compile time replace() optimizer fails.   o Zero-type is correctly cleared in a number of opcodes.   o Fixed leak in Oracle module when Oracle.Date objects are created or cast. - o Fixes for compiling under Solaris 10 and AmigaOS4. + o Fixes for compiling under Solaris 10 and AmigaOS4, OpenBSD and MacOS X.   o Machine code disabled under FreeBSD 5.x.   o Preprocessor now handles escaped newlines in ordinary text.   o #if expressions can now be broken with escaped newlines.
57:    to be zero (effectively causing busylooping) if one requested infinite    timeout to Backend.(). (This doesn't affect the default backend since    it has a timeout of 3600.0.) + o Pike.Backend: proper closing of kqueue descriptors on *BSD systems that +  use kqueue instead of poll() + o Pike.Backend: backport of a fix that caused delays when setting +  callbacks. Fixes bad performance for SSL.sslfile based servers.   o language.yacc backport of fix for error message? -  + o Sybase: SybaseOpenClient framework on MacOS X. + o CMOD precompiler: fixes for polymorphic function overloading and module +  level functions. + o Do not decode non-shortest forms in utf8_to_string and _Charset, for +  security reasons and unicode 3.1 compliance. + o Image.PNG: fix a memory leak. + o Postgres: Fixes to create() variable 5 parsing. + o GTK: a number of typos were fixed. + o A large number of fixes for 64 bit architectures.      Other Changes:      o Windows installer fixes -  + o Updated Nettle included + o Bug reports fixed: 3855, 3928, 3941, 3950      Changes since Pike 7.6.6   ----------------------------------------------------------------------
122:   o Bugfix in dbdate_cast() in the Oracle module.   o Several bugfixes in Shuffler.   o Added Stdio.Port()->bind_unix(). - o Several bugfixes for rare array probles. + o Several bugfixes for rare array problems.   o Several cpp fixes to ensure that #if constant never interrupts    compiliation. Use --show-all-cpp-warnings to see such failures.   o cpp expressions are now short-circuited.