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2008-09-07 22:15:40 by Martin Stjernholm <>

Documented changes in Calendar and Mysql.

Rev: CHANGES:1.134

379:       - Timezones are now read from /etc/localtime, if available.    +  - Cleaned up year-day (yd) handling so that it never goes below 1. +  Instead be careful to use either year (y) or week-year (wy) +  depending on context. +  +  - Fixed inconsistent range handling in year() and years() that made +  them almost but not quite zero-based. Now they are one-based just +  like day()/days(), month()/months() etc. +  +  - Cleaned up conversion between weeks and years: E.g. if a week has +  days in two years then converting it to years will produce a range +  of both years. The attempt to always map a week to a single year +  is gone since it's inconsistent with how other overlapping time +  ranges are handled. If the user wants to convert a week to the +  year it "unambiguously" belongs to, (s)he can do +  Calendar.ISO.Year(week->year_no()). +  +  - Did away with the attempt to map leap days between February 24th +  and 29th before and after year 2000, since doing so break date +  arithmetic. +  +  - The last four changes above are not entirely compatible. +  Compatibility with 7.6 and older is retained with #pike 7.6. +    o CompilerEnvironment & CompilerEnvironment()->PikeCompiler       The Pike compiler has been refactored to be more object-oriented and
544:      o Mysql    -  Unicode support. FIXME: mast Document in more detail. C.f. check-in -  1.25 of lib/modules/Sql.pmod/mysql.pike. +  - Two functions set_charset() and get_charset() have been added to +  set and query the connection charset. The create() function also +  takes a "charset" setting in the options mapping. +  +  - Improved Unicode support. The MySQL driver now supports +  (possibly wide) Unicode queries and text return values, handling +  the connection charset and all encoding/decoding internally. This +  is enabled by setting the charset to "unicode", or through the new +  functions set_unicode_encode_mode() and set_unicode_decode_mode(). +  See their documentation for further details. +     Return correct UNDEFINED instead of 0 values for NULL values in resultsets.      o Odbc