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2019-02-02 15:47:49 by Marcus Comstedt <>

Merge branch 'marcus/exif_sanitization' into 8.0

11:       This is used as a placeholder used in place of other objects in backtraces.    + o Image.Dims.exif_get and Image.exif_decode +  +  New convenience functions to get the functionality of +  Image.Dims.exif_get_JPEG and Image.JPEG._decode (rotation of the image +  according to the EXIF orientation information) without needing to check +  if the image is JPEG first. +    Bug fixes   ---------   
70:    - Fixed some corner cases where file names where missing from    backtraces.    + o Image.Dims +  +  - Fixed the inconsistency that Image.Dims.get_JPEG (and thus +  Image.Dims.get) would flip the dimensions on JPEGs with EXIF +  orientation information, even though Image.JPEG.decode does not +  actually perform the rotations. +    o       - Don't error if stdin modifier is supplied as the empty string.