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2003-09-30 14:48:06 by Martin Nilsson <>


Rev: CHANGES:1.60

30:    The codec for serialization of Pike data types has been updated    and has a significally improved successrate at encoding modules.    + o Less magic hacks +  Several Pike modules has been cleaned up and old hacks and +  workarounds for which it now exists real solutions has been +  rewritten. This should increase size, performance, dumpability and +  readability of the affected code. In addition lots of internal +  types in Pike has been tightened up and several more files uses +  the strict types pragma, which has resulted in some bugfixes.    -  + o IPv6 + o INT64 +  +    Language additions:   -------------------   
43:    instead the trace() function has been extended to make it possible    to set the trace level in all threads simultaneously.    - o Regexp.PCRE added to give libpcre support + o Regexp.PCRE added to give libpcre support.    -  + o _ADT + o ADT.Struct + o Crypto/Nettle + o Debug.Wrapper + o Geography RT38 + o Int + o Pike.Security + o Protocols.HTTP.Session + o Tools.Shoot/Standaone.benchmark + o Standalone.cgrep + o Standalone.dump + o Image.NEO + o Bz2 +  +    Optimizations:   --------------