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2008-09-29 14:54:31 by Martin Stjernholm <>

Added a note about Pike.Backend.{before|after}_callback.

Rev: CHANGES:1.150

149:       - Pike.DefaultBackend    This is the Pike.Backend object that is used for file callbacks and -  call_outs if no other backend object has been specified. +  call outs if no other backend object has been specified.      o cpp   
764:    get_first_arg_type() allows for inspection of attributes and    return values of functions.    + o Pike.Backend +  +  Besides the new multiple backend implementations described earlier, +  backends now support two new callbacks: before_callback and +  after_callback are two new variables in the backend objects. They +  can be set to functions that gets called just before and after a +  backend is waiting for events. +    o Process       - The new function spawn_pike() will spawn a Pike process similar to