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2018-08-11 20:18:34 by Tobias S. Josefowitz <>

Fuse: Switch to using the "fuse_main()" API

The way we used to use libfuse was somehow first "deprecated" and then
entirely removed from their repository on GitHub. Unfortunately, the old
API worked really elegantly for us (since libfuse calls us from threads
that it created on its own), and with the "fuse_main()" API we require
quite a bit of very verbose extra legwork, but what can you do.

The old way of using libfuse also triggered a bug (SEGFAULT) in libfuse
starting with at least version 2.9.2, while the new "fuse_main()" use
does not.

27:    - Fixed an incompatibility between the machine code generator on    ppc and GCC 7.    + o Fuse +  +  - Switched the Fuse module to use a different libfuse API. +  +  The way we used to use libfuse got first deprecated and support +  for it is now removed from the libfuse git repository entirely. +  In addition, our previous use of said libfuse API triggered a +  bug resulting in a segmentation fault in at least libfuse 2.9.2 +  and 2.9.7. We now use libfuse in a less elegant but more usual +  way, and do not trigger the bug anymore. +    o Gmp.mpq       Fix numbers between -1.0 and 1.0 sometimes missing a leading 0.