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2016-01-04 15:43:46 by Per Hedbor <>

Some minimal changenotes

9:    There is no longer any limit to the size of character constants,    e.g. 'acdefghijk' creates the bignum 0x61636465666768696a6b.    + o 'auto' type added. +  +  This is much like a strict typed mixed. The actual type is deduced +  compile-time. +  +  The main use case is as variables in foreach when looping over +  complexly typed values, or as types in macro-defined functions and +  such. +  +  auto can be used as return type for a function, it will be the +  logical or of all the types of the return statements in the +  function. +  + o typeof(X) can now be used as a type. +  +  The main use case is in macros, but it might be useful for other +  things as well (as an example in a typedef). +  +  typedef typeof(Val.true)|typeof(Val.false) bool; +  +  typeof, when used like this, behaves very much like the C++ +  decltype() expression. +    Incompatible changes   --------------------   
19:      o Compatibility for Pike versions before 7.8 is no longer available.    - o GTK1 library is deprected, so glue code is removed. + o GTK1 library is deprecated, so glue code is removed.    -  +  + New features + ------------ +  + o Gmp.mpf is now implemented using gmpf is the library is available. +    C-level API changes   -------------------