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2004-02-08 01:03:55 by Martin Nilsson <>


Rev: CHANGES:1.97

17:   o Fixed bug in System.get_netinfo_property that could cause it to    fail.   o Robustness fixes in the backend. + o Bugfix to prevent errors during backtraces due to destructed +  objects. + o SSL.sslfile bugfixed so that it doesn't do anything after calling a +  callback, since the file might be used in non-callback mode in +  another thread by then. This still doesn't fix the case when the +  read callback is called after the accept callback (this is however +  fixed in the development version of Pike). Also nothing is done +  after the file has been set to nonblocking mode, since the backend +  might already be using it by then, if it's in another thread. + o SSL.sslfile bugfixed to not call the write callback while still in +  handshake. + o Fixed a race in SSL.sslfile that could occur in set_nonblocking when +  it was called from another thread than the backend thread. + o Fixed several bugs in SSL.sslfile where I/O errors or close calls +  from within callbacks caused it to try to use a closed socket. + o Mac OS X support in Stdio.Terminfo. + o Web.Crawler no longer tries to fetch /robots.txt over protocols it +  doesn't recognize. + o `| on arrays now preserves the order of the left argument for common +  elements. + o Image.lay now ignore zero sized layers. + o Bugfixed Image.PNG grey scale decoding. + o _Roxen.http_decode_string now handles %u encoded characters. + o Fixed crash in GL.glGetString.   o The normal bunch of unspecified core fixes for rare problems    discovered since the last release.