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2018-05-07 10:12:35 by Henrik Grubbström (Grubba) <>

CHANGES: Some more Filesystem.Monitor fixes.

115:    - Fixed indexing the NULL value error when InotifyMonitor was used in    combination with a filter_file() that doesn't accept everything.    +  - Fixed incorrect creation of new monitors. +  +  Monitors were created using monitor() on the top level rather than +  using Monitor::monitor(), which prevented the symlinks' overridden +  DefaultMonitor from setting the correct state on newly created monitors. +  +  We now force a check on the directory monitor instead, which will +  pick up the new file instantly and create the sub monitor. +  +  - Fixed race condition on deletion. +  +  This fixes a race that could occur on rapid exists => delete => exists +  transitions, where the directory monitor never noticed the change but +  the sub monitor was removed from the monitor lookup mapping. The +  directory monitor is now notified on sub-monitor release. +  +  - Added set_stable_time() function. +     - Removed obsolete special case for co_id == 1.      o HTTPLoop: