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2002-12-17 00:39:16 by Martin Stjernholm <>

--with-internal-profiling doesn't need to be mentioned. Added a bit of
info about some new gdb helper functions.

Rev: CHANGES:1.60

877:    fatal -> Pike_fatal    empty_string -> empty_pike_string    - o --with-internal-profiling + o Module symbols not available from other modules.    FIXME: Expand on this.      o C-module symbols not available from other modules.
892:    resolved, partially due to Valgrind breakage, our confidence in    the quality of Pike has been reassured.    + o Some gdb helpers. +  If Pike is compiled with --with-rtldebug there's a function +  gdb_backtraces that can be called from gdb (using the "call" +  command) to print all Pike thread backtraces. It doesn't do any +  destructive changes of the memory structures (besides the stack) +  and it tries to be tolerant wrt inconsistencies.    -  +  --with-rtldebug also makes a dummy function _gdb_breakpoint +  available in Pike. It doesn't do anything and is intended to be +  used by setting a gdb breakpoint on the C level counterpart +  pike_gdb_breakpoint and then use _gdb_breakpoint at the +  appropriate place in the Pike code to enter gdb at that point. +    Bugs fixed:   -----------