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2004-05-05 01:25:37 by Martin Nilsson <>

Perhaps the last of the content.

Rev: CHANGES:1.76

130:    file, use "make install_nodoc" instead of "make install".       - Language additions: - ------------------- -  +    Changes and additions to -x utilities:   --------------------------------------   
323:    GLUE.swap_buffers();    }    + o ADT.CircularList +  This is an circular list implemented as a C wrapper around an +  array. It has a constant time complexity for pop and push. It has +  a limited max size but it can be increased manually by calling the +  allocate. It supports pushing, popping and peeking at both ends of +  the list, as well as removing and insering elemtns at any +  positioin in the list.    - o _ADT - o Geography RT38 + o ADT.Sequence +  The sequence work similar to an array but has the possibilities to +  insert and remove elements at any position. It also has functions +  to retrieve iterators that work from either side of the sequence.    -  +  + o Geography +  The Geography.Position object can now convert to and from the +  Swedish RT38 (Rikets Triangulering 1938) position format. +    o Int    The Int module contains a few functions and constants that deals    specifically with the integer data type. Currently it contains
364:    > object_program(err)==Error.Math;    (2) Result: 1    +    o Float    Here constants and functions that deals specifically with the    float data type is stored. Currently contains only various
371:    type Pike is compiled with.      o Protocols.Bittorrent +  This is a Pike implementation of the client side of the popular +  Bittorrent protocol. Both creating torrent files and seeding as +  well as downloading and verifying files are supported. There are +  also several functions to retreive auxillary information such as +  identifying the other peer clients.      o Protocols.LMTP/Protocols.SMTP    Protocols.LMTP Implements a server for the Local Mail Transfer
410:    return 0;    }    +    o Array    The Array module has been extended with Array.all and Array.any    which determines if all or any of the elements in an array meets a
439:    foreach(Filesystem.Traversion("."); string dir; string file)    if(file[-1]=='~' || file=="core") rm(dir+file);    +    o Calendar module    The %S format is added to Calendar.parse() to parse seconds since    the Epoch. The TimeRange class is extended with a format method
448:    pre-1901 namedays and Finnish namedays.      o SSL +  Large parts of the SSL module has been rewritten, either as part +  of the rewrite of the Crypto module or in an attempt to fix many +  issues regarding blocking/nonblocking files, threads etc.    - o Sql.Provider -  +    o EXIF    The EXIF module is now much more robust than before and can handle    some of the erroneous EXIF tags some cameras procduce. Extended
465:   Optimizations:   --------------    - o Instantiation and destruction of pike-classes is now significantly faster. + o Instantiation and destruction of pike-classes is now significantly +  faster.      o Handling of bignums has been optimized, especially conversion    to/from normal integers.
477:   Compatibility changes:   ----------------------    + o Incompatible changes has been done to ADT.Heap, Array.diff3_old, +  Crypto, Locale.Charset, Protocols.SMTP, SSL, Sql.sql, +  Standards.ASN1, Standards.PKCS, Stdio.File, Thread.Mutex and +  rusage(). Please refer to the 7.4 namespace in the compatibility +  section of the documentation for a complete description of these +  changes. Using #pike 7.4 or starting Pike with -V7.4 activates the +  compatibility layer, which should make it possible to run old code +  with newer pikes. +  +    Compatibility changes without backward compatibility:   -----------------------------------------------------   
518:      o The backend has a new interface to handle references from backend    objects to callbacks in files. -  -  - Bugs fixed: - ----------- -  -  - Uncategorized misc changes: - --------------------------- -  - kqueue - OOB fixes - epoll +