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2002-12-13 18:53:22 by Henrik Grubbström (Grubba) <>

Something about Pike.Backend and #pragma save_parent.

Rev: CHANGES:1.58

437:    This is an extended version of Parser.XML.Tree that can handle    namespaces according to the W3C namespace specification.    + o Pike.Backend and Pike.DefaultBackend +  It is now possible to start several backends, and to start the +  default backend without having to return negative from main(). +  +  Example: +  while(things_to_do) { +  mixed err; +  if (err = catch{ +  while(things_to_do) { +  Pike.DefaultBackend(3600.0); +  } }) { +  master()->handle_error(err); +  } +  } +    o Protocols.XMLRPC    Implements most features of the XML-RPC standard.   
705:    |    +-A---foo    + o Individual parent object pointers are now only kept when needed +  In Pike 7.0 and 7.2 all objects kept a pointer to the surrounding +  object. This led to an excess of circular datastructures, which +  ment that the garbage collector had to kick in more often. In Pike +  7.4 parent object pointers are only kept if the object actually +  refers to identifiers in the parent. This change however affects +  the behaviour of object_program() and function_object(). +  + o __pragma_save_parent__ +  To change the default parent object pointer behaviour to the +  Pike 7.0/7.2 default it is possible to +  add_constant("__pragma_save_parent__", 1). +  + o #pragma save_parent +  To get the Pike 7.0/7.2 parent object pointer behaviour for a +  single compilation unit use the #pragma save_parent. +  + o #pragma dont_save_parent +  To restore the default Pike 7.4 parent object pointer behaviour from +  #pragma save_parent or __pragma_save_parent__ for a single compilation +  unit use the #pragma dont_save_parent. +    o Thread.Condition()->wait()    This function takes a mutex lock to unlock while it waits on the    condition. That argument was previously optional, but not any
839:   o it is possible to change predefines without forking a new pike    add_predefine()/remove_predefine()    - o #pragma save_parent - o #pragma dont_save_parent (overrides constant __pragma_save_parent__) -  +    o dont_dump_module *FIXME: grubba*      System.usleep()/nanosleep()
852:      Multiset    - Pike.Backend +    Pike.Security   Pike.BacktraceFrame   Pike.WEAK_INDICES, WEAK_VALUES, WEAK