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2018-05-08 09:50:57 by Henrik Grubbström (Grubba) <>

CHANGES: Added some notes about the new I/O layer on NT.

45:       Support query_fd() and set_buffer_mode() methods.    + o Stdio.File [NT] +  +  A major clean-up and consistency improvment of the I/O layer on NT. +  +  - All filesystem paths are now encoded in UTF-8 from Pike-code's +  point of view. Previously this was a mix of Latin-1 and UTF-16, +  with some stuff affected by the filesystem default character set. +  +  This makes the entire filesystem accessible from Pike-code. +  +  This new behavior can be detected by the presence of the constant +  Stdio.__HAVE_UTF8_FS__. +  +  - Added new low-level fd handling functions. +  +  This should fix several potential race-conditions in the +  I/O layer on NT. +    o Stdio.Terminfo       Support the new terminfo format from ncurses 6.
233:       Disabled debug output for unknown segment markers.    - o Stdio.send_file + o Stdio    -  +  - Restore the FD_SETSIZE on NT to 65536. +  +  Due to #include file restructuring, the FD_SETSIZE value on +  NT had fallen back to the default (64). This issue has probably +  affected all releases of Pike since 7.9.2. +  +  - mv() [NT] +  +  Fixed single byte buffer overrun in mv() on NT. +  +  A NUL-terminator was written outside a malloced buffer. This +  caused intermittent crashes after unusual use of mv(). +  +  Fixes the crash in [PIKE-90]. +  +  - send_file() +     Improved support for TLS/SSL; wait for TLS handshake to complete    before calling the sendfile done callback when sending an empty    string. This fixes the issue where the connection got closed