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2008-09-21 17:44:44 by Martin Nilsson <>

A few more tweaks

Rev: CHANGES:1.144

421:    now() was off 5 month per year.       - Time objects now handle * and / with floats. A split() method has -  been added for more advanced splitting. FIXME: Example +  been added for more advanced splitting where the preferred time +  quanta can be given as an argument.       - A new formatting method format_ext_time_short() has been added to    Time objects.
703:      o Parser.XML.Simple    +  - The autoconvert() function, used to autodetect the character +  encoding of an XML file and decode it, has been moved from being a +  method of the Parser.XML.Simple object to being a function in the +  Parser.XML module. +     FIXME -  autoconvert() moved to top level +     Several correctness fixes.    Added Simple.Context   
749:    been added for use with the `[..] operator API.       - The functions low_check_call(), get_return_type() and -  get_first_arg_type(). FIXME! +  get_first_arg_type() allows for inspection of attributes and +  return values of functions.      o Process   
909:    Sql.Sql db = Sql.Sql("tds://user:pass@host/database");       - Support for the SQLite database added. A raw interface is -  available throug hthe SQLite module. FIXME: Syntax? +  available through the SQLite module. FIXME: Syntax?       Sql.Sql db = Sql.Sql("sqlite://path/to/file");