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2011-01-03 17:53:50 by Peter Bortas <>

More changes.

4:   Extensions and New Functions   ----------------------------    - FIXME: Complete to about 1 Apr 2010 -  +    o Added module Search.    FIXME: Needs a couple of paragraphs of description.    - o ADT.Heap->values and ->num_values can now be overloaded -  FIXME: TOMUCHINFORMATION? -  +    o has_prefix now works on objects.      o Standards.JSON
21:   o Protocols.HTTP.Session will no longer override an existing    content-type header in async_do_method_url.    - o Updated timezone data to tzdata2009u. + o Protocols.HTTP    -  +  Allow directly specifying the body of a POST request (needed for the Google +  Apps API). +  + o Updated timezone data to tzdata2010l. +    o String.normalize_space       New and efficient C implementation; sanitises whitespace, even in wide
32:       Extended to the entire range of Unicode white spaces. (And is faster.)    - o Protocols.HTTP -  -  Allow directly specifying the body of a POST request (needed for the Google -  Apps API). -  +    o Tools.PV and pike -x pv now works with GTK2 as well as GTK.      o Integer constants exported by modules can now be used in cpp expressions.    -  + o Modules/programs that have the constant "dont_dump_program" will not +  be dumped on installation. This is used to prevent dumping of +  programs that check for external dependencies at compile time such +  as the MySQL module.    -  + o Added Thread.Queue.peek_array. +  + o Fixed stack overrun bug in Nettle.CBC and Nettle.Proxy. This is not +  belived to be a security issue. +  + o Added System.getloadavg() on platforms that support the getloadavg() call. +  + o SSL +  +  Added support for AES to SSL3, and fixed bug that prevented some +  handshake failure alers to be sent to the client. +  + o ADT.Heap->values and ->num_values can now be overloaded. +    Optimizations   -------------      o MIME should now use 1/3 less memory when decoding big messages.    -  + o Improved performance of    -  + o Nettle.hash +  +  Disallow threads during hashing of small strings (current threshold is +  1 MB). This change improves ApacheBench numbers ~20% for a Roxen +  benchmark on a quad-core Core i5. +  +    Deprecations   ------------   
74:   Bug fixes   ---------    + o Fixed backtraces when Protocols.HTTP.Query objects where garbage +  collected. [bug 5730] +    o Fixed problem with Calendar.month_from_yday() when applied on week    53. [bug 5303]   
129:   o Fixed encoding/decoding bug in "pike -x httpserver" that prevented    files with space in the name for being accessable.    + o Fixed bug that prevented literal zero to be considered a constant.    -  +    Building and installing   -----------------------