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2017-07-08 04:00:02 by William Welliver <>

CHANGES: describe SQLite bug fix for string bindings.

80:    during the same transaction.    Flush out unseen error messages upon connection close to stderr.    + o Sql.SQLite +  +  When using query bindings, strings are now always stored as strings; +  previously, 8-bit strings were stored as binary objects (BLOBs) and +  wide strings were stored as unicode strings, which caused 8-bit strings +  to be unequal (and thus not returned) when used in a standard string query. +  +  Binary values may be stored as BLOBs using bindings by wrapping the +  binary string in a multiset. For example, to store the value "myBinary" +  as a BLOB value using a binding, use: (<"myBinary">). +    o Debug.Peek       Allows for interactive debugging and live data structure inspection