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2003-10-27 04:55:23 by Martin Nilsson <>

Preparing a new release.

Rev: CHANGES:1.94

1: + Changes since Pike 7.4.28: + ---------------------------------------------------------------------- +  + o Added Memory.shmat on Windows. + o Fixed bug in Function.defined. + o Mac OS X poll() fixes. + o Better optimization on Mac OS X on PPC G3 and newer. + o Bugfix to avoid reading zero bytes from a file to block on Windows. + o Bugfix to prevent races if Image.Font.load() is called in several +  threads. + o Fixed previously broken UTF7.5 encoding. + o Decoding of mask flag and mask default color in PSD images now +  works. + o Better checks for wide and binary strings in the Mysql module. + o Fixed bug in Stdio.Port.accept that could case it to fail if a +  signal arrived at the wrong time. + o Fixed bug in System.get_netinfo_property that could cause it to +  fail. + o Robustness fixes in the backend. + o The normal bunch of unspecified core fixes for rare problems +  discovered since the last release. +  +    Changes since Pike 7.4.20:   ----------------------------------------------------------------------