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2005-07-25 16:49:23 by H. William Welliver III <>

Changes from 7.6.24 through 2005-02-11 08:23.
We don't have changes for 7.6.13 and 7.6.24???

Rev: CHANGES:1.88

1: + Changes since Pike 7.6.24 +  + Changes in Pike code: +  + o added Standards.UUID + o added Standards.XML.Wix, Tools.Standalone.make_wxs + o Parser.XML: added 7.2 compatibility mode that allows multiple tags at +  the top level. Also fixed bug where comments and PI:s after the top +  level element weren't allowed. PIs are allowed at the top level. + o Parser.XML: Added additional validity checks which may be turned on to +  get stricter XML parsing. + o Parser.XML: added compatibility wrapper for 7.2 parse_input() + o Parser.XML: can pass compat_allow_errors to XML parser in +  simple_parse_input() and parse_input(). + o Parser.XML: stricter detection of RXML entities. + o better garbage generation for Remote. + o SSL.sslfile: added wrapper for Stdio.File.is_open(). + o Protocols.HTTP.Query: keepalive operation fixed when remote has closed. + o UNDEFINED arguments are better described in backtraces. + o Protocols.DNS: improved support for T_TXT. + o Cache.Policy: made some debug output optional. + o ADT.Relation.Binary: bugfixes, added cast(). + o Hilfe: backport of additions from 7.7 + o Protocols.LDAP.client: filter value unescaping function complies more +  closely to the somewhat peculiar escape method in RFC 1960. + o SSL.sslfile: Various fixes: notably the close callback is also called +  on errors, which is consistent with Stdio.File. Added +  set_(non)blocking_keep_callbacks. + o Stdio: Propogates return values from callbacks properly. + o Stdio: Always check that the user callbacks are installed before +  calling them. + o Protocols.HTTP.Server.Request: allow methods other than POST to send +  data in the request body, as long as the content-length header is set. +  + Changes in C code: +  + o is_eq() works properly with objects now. + o Improvements made in rtldebug, valgrind and cleanup-on-exit. + o Searches for 64 bit mysql libraries. + o Displays errors when the compile time replace() optimizer fails. + o Zero-type is correctly cleared in a number of opcodes. + o Fixed leak in Oracle module when Oracle.Date objects are created or cast. + o Fixes for compiling under Solaris 10 and AmigaOS4. + o Machine code disabled under FreeBSD 5.x. + o Preprocessor now handles escaped newlines in ordinary text. + o #if expressions can now be broken with escaped newlines. + o sprintf() %f segfaults fixed. + o Stdio.UDP->wait() now handles EINTR. + o Stdio.File sockets are properly released when connect() fails. + o xml parser fixes (see Pike code changes). + o mktime() works before 1970 now in all situations. + o gmtime() works for localtime now, and maps to closest valid time when +  presented with an invalid time. + o Odbc: configure fixes for modern libiodbc. + o fixes for modify_shared_string() and rehash_string_backwards() + o Pike.Backend: Fixed bug in timeout calculation that caused the timeout +  to be zero (effectively causing busylooping) if one requested infinite +  timeout to Backend.(). (This doesn't affect the default backend since +  it has a timeout of 3600.0.) + o language.yacc backport of fix for error message? +  + Other Changes: +  + o Windows installer fixes +    Changes since Pike 7.6.6   ----------------------------------------------------------------------