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2004-05-03 01:22:27 by Martin Nilsson <>

Almost there.

Rev: CHANGES:1.75

69:    be a constant, thus preventing the program from being    automatically cloned.    + o Unicode +  Pike 7.6 uses the Unicode 4.0.1 tables for case info and +  normalization.    -  + o upper_case/lower_case +  The built in functions upper_case and lower_case now also works on +  single characters, represented as integers. +  + o hash +  The string hash functions is now byte-order independent. The old +  hash function is available as hash_7_4 or as hash when running in +  7.4 compatibility mode or lower. +  + o #warning +  A new The Pike preprocessor directive #warning has been added. It +  simply write the rest of the line to stderr. +  +    The Pike master:   ----------------   
472:   ----------------------------      o The security.h include file is renamed to pike_security.h - o cond_resolv, test_program_eq, test_program_equal, no warnings in testsuite, - o pmod: object(programname), void may be 0, typecheck of vararg/optional, -  inherit, PIKEVAR attributes, prototypes, program flags +     -  + o The testsuite has three new, handy macros, cond_resolv, +  test_program_eq, test_program_equal, all defined in mktestsuite. A +  testsuite test that produces a warning, unless it is a test_warning +  test, will now be considered an error. The test program can now run +  testsuites in forked processes. By default every testsuite file will +  now be run in a forked process. If a directory named extra_tests +  exists on the top level of the Pike source directory, that directory +  will also be recursed for files. +  + o The cmod API has been extended in many details, making it easier to +  work with. Variable declarations may now use the object(programname) +  syntax. Void in parameters may be 0. Varargs and optional arguments +  are now typechecked properly. It is possible to INHERIT a program +  into a PIKECLASS. It is possible to set attributes on a PIKEVAR. A +  program may be flagged as a prototype, which will make the function +  bodies to be ignored. It is also possible to set program flags, such +  as PROGRAM_DESTRUCT_IMMEDIATE. See bin/precompile.pike for +  documentation. +  + o The make file has a few new targets that should be self explanatory: +  gdb_hilfe, valgrind_hilfe and valgrind_verify. +  + o The header file module_magic.h is deprecated. Use the +  PIKE_MODULE_INIT and PIKE_MODULE_EXIT macros in your modules +  instead. +  + o The backend has a new interface to handle references from backend +  objects to callbacks in files. +  +    Bugs fixed:   -----------         Uncategorized misc changes:   --------------------------- -  +  + kqueue + OOB fixes + epoll