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2002-12-01 14:48:46 by Martin Nilsson <>

Done with Standards.

Rev: CHANGES:1.51

441:      o Shuffler    - Standards.EXIF - Standards.FIPS10_4 - Standards.ISO639_2.map_to_639_1, convert_b_to_t, convert_t_to_b -  +    o Standards.CIFF -  +  Experimental module to read Canon Camera Image File Format data.    -  + o Standards.EXIF +  Support for the EXchangeable Image file Format for digital still +  cameras version 2.2. Support for maker notes for cameras from +  Nikon, Canon, Fuji Film, Olympus, Sanyo and Casio. +    o Standards.FIPS10_4    The Federal Information Processing Standard for Countries,    Dependencies, Areas of Special Sovereignty, and their Principal
457:    ID3 tags decoder/encoder. Supports versions: 1.0, 1.1,    2.2-2.4. Frequently used in MP3 files for encapsulating metadata.    + o Standards.ISO639_2 +  This module has been updated with the map_to_639_1 method to +  convert from ISO 639-2/T to ISO 639-1. With the new methods +  convert_b_to_t and convert_t_to_b it is possible to convert +  between ISO 639-2/T and ISO 639-2/B. +    o Standards.RDF    Represents an RDF domain and allows you to perform searches in its    relations. Currently only serializes/deserializes to N-triple