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2008-12-12 09:34:29 by Martin Stjernholm <>

Fixed some misinformation regarding Sql.pgsql, and hint of its
existence in the Postgres entry.

Rev: CHANGES:1.160

733:       - Automatic binary or text transfer for queryarguments and resultrows.    +  Note: A new native Postgres driver has also been added; see +  Sql.pgsql. +    o Pike       - A new function count_memory() has been added which can calculate
942:    for smaller queries; for large bytea blobs and large texts, it    speeds up even more.    -  Support for this driver is indicated by PostgresNative appearing -  in the featurelist, and since it has no library or OS dependencies, -  it will always be available. -  +     This driver serves URLs of the form:    pgsql:// (plain) and pgsqls:// (SSL).    In case the old Postgres driver is disabled, this driver takes