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2019-10-22 10:00:50 by Henrik Grubbström (Grubba) <>

CHANGES: Added some notes about C-API changes.

497:    will be popped and discarded. Efuns still have to clean their stack    as previously.    + o Object destructor callbacks may now run during pop_stack() and +  pop_n_elems(). This means that code must be prepared for arbitrary +  state changes after having called them. +    o Removed add_function, pike_add_function, pike_add_function2,    simple_add_variable, map_variable and MAP_VARIABLE. This removes the    remaining few API:s where text types were used. Use ADD_FUNCTION and
522:    loading it into the CPU cache, as this function is typically used    before calling free() on memory with cryptographic key data.    + o The GC marker hash table has been removed. For types which require +  GC markers, they are now allocated as part of the data type. Such +  structures must now start with GC_MARKER_MEMBERS (which includes +  eg the refs field). See "gc_header.h" for details.    -  +  This change significantly improves GC performance (up to a factor +  of 2 in some situations). +  +    Documentation   -------------   
544:       The configure tests will not check for functions defined in C99    anymore and C99 compiler support is assumed. -  - Optimizations - ------------- -  - o Removed the GC marker hash table. For types which require GC markers, -  they are now allocated as parf of the data type. This significantly -  improves GC performance ( up to a factor if 2 in some situations ). +