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2006-01-22 20:20:15 by Peter Bortas <>


Rev: CHANGES:1.100

5:      o Added support for chunked transfer encoding and handle unexpected    multiple headers in HTTP.Server.Request. + o Added support for "urlencoded" as an alias for "url-encoded" in +  HTTP.Server.Request. + o Added callback support to Stdio.FakeFile.   o Added iso_646.irv, iso_4873.dv and iso_4873 to charsets.   o Added UCS-2 API support to Odbc.   o Fixed some bugs in Protocol.HTTP.Server.HeaderParser.
26:    with rtldebug.   o Fixed multiset node ref bugs that affected iterators when the    multisets contain destructed objects. + o Fixed out of C-stack errors when resizing unbalanced mappings.      Build fixes: