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2020-11-12 02:19:45 by H William Welliver <>

CHANGES: updates in preparation for release

3:   New Features   ------------    + o Core +  +  - Added "->?" as the safe indexing variant of "->". +  +  - Added int(7,8,16bit). +    o ADT.History       Support encode/decode_value().
11:       This is used as a placeholder used in place of other objects in backtraces.    + o Pike.DestructImmediate +  +  An empty class that can be inherited to get the PROGRAM_DESTRUCT_IMMEDIATE +  flag set. +    o Image.Dims.exif_get and Image.exif_decode       New convenience functions to get the functionality of
25:    - Rewrite timeout() to reduce the memory footprint of a future in the    common case.    +  - Added query_{success,failure}_callbacks() and try_get() to +  Concurrent.Future. +    o Process.Process       - On NT it is now possible to specify the preferred console handler
42:    Standards.X509 now allows the user to select acceptable signature    algorithms to be used in the verification of certificates.    + o Stdio.Buffer +  +  Added truncate() and the ability to search for substrings. +  + o Stdio.File +  +  Support openat() with a single argument(). +    o Stdio.PROP_TTY       Stdio.File()->pipe() can now be used to create tty-capable
50:   Bug fixes   ---------    + o ADT.CritBit.FloatTree +  +  Fix FloatTree when using 128bit floats. +    o ADT.CritBit.IntTree       Fixed the signature of ADT.CritBit.IntTree()->_values().
92:       - Fix clipped/canclip propagation.    + o mktime() +  +  Fix zone handling when localtime is in daylight savings time. +  + o strftime() +  +  Remove non-standard conversions %k and %l. +    o types()       Fixed reference leak.    -  + o crypt() +  +  Do not throw errorss on validation failure. Primarily ocurrs on +  RHEL 8, return a failure code instead, consistent with historical +  use. +  + o Backend.PollBackend +  +  Signal read events on POLLHUP. +    o Calendar       - Fixed typo in the Catalan word for the month December.    -  - Updated tzdata to 2018g. +  - Updated tzdata to 2019c.      o Compiler   
125:    - Convert errors thrown by the executor passed to Concurrent.Promise()    on create into promise rejection.    +  - Fixes for some recursive mutex lock errors. +  +    o Crypto.ECC       Now works against Nettle 3.5.
141:    and then chmod(), restoring the historical order for chown() and    chmod().    + o Gettext +  +  Prevent argument of textdomain from being empty. +    o Image.Dims       - Fixed the inconsistency that Image.Dims.get_JPEG (and thus
148:    orientation information, even though Image.JPEG.decode does not    actually perform the rotations.    + o Inotify +  +  Improved handling of invalid event callbacks. [bug 8042] +    o Odbc       The module's configure script now respects ABI suffixes when searching
158:    Fixed a Pike stack overflow occuring with certain inputs to the HTML    parser.    + o Pike.count_memory +  +  Prevents a loop with ADT.List objects. +    o       - Don't error if stdin modifier is supplied as the empty string.
169:    headers unless credentials were given to the proxy or the protocol    to be used was HTTPS.    +  - Add Host header to proxied requests. +  + o Protocols.HTTP.Server +  +  Fixed bug in Request()->update_mime_var(). [bug 10033] +    o Protocols.HTTP.Session       - Fix race-condition when multiple threads call give_me_connection()
182:    This should alleviate issues with stuff being left around from    previous queries.    + o Protocols.DNS +  +  Improved error handling when calling async callbacks. +  +  Survive Stdio.UDP()->bind() failing with EACCES. +    o Protocols.HTTP.Query       On Solaris 11 Stdio.File()->connect() often fails with EADDRINUSE.
193:      o Runtime    -  Certain operations on arrays of only objects could have triggered a type +  - Certain operations on arrays of only objects could have triggered a type    confusion under some circumstances, causing integers to be freed as    objects, and thus a NULL derefence (SIGSEGV).    -  +  - Fix some gratuitous rounding to double with long-double-precision. +  +  - Improved Fix some gratuitous rounding to double with +  long-double-precision. +  + o Search.Filter.HTML +  +  Fix title always being set to "". [bug 10020] +    o Sql.pgsql       - Ensure that the db connection is closed when the portal is closed.
222:    - resync() is synchronous now, and prevents race conditions    if followed back-to-back with new queries.    +  - disregard pending statements on connection destruction. +    o SSL       - When verifying the hostname against the certificate, only accept *
252:      o Standards.JSON    -  encode() now allows other threads to run every now and then. +  - encode() now allows other threads to run every now and then.    -  +  - Fix floating point literals with long-double-precision +  +    o Standards.EXIF       Improved detection of EXIF section in get_properties().    -  + o Standards.URI +  +  Updated list of unsafe characters to RFC 3986. [bug 8004] +  + o Standards.X509 +  +  Use old syntax for compatibility. +    o sybase       The module's configure script now respects ABI suffixes when searching
270:    passed to openlog. The reference will be released after a subsequent    call to openlog() or closelog().    + o Thread.MutexKey +  +  When simulated, mark for immediate destruction. +    o Thread.Queue       Attempt to work around glibc bugs.
317:    a SIGSEGV in ffi_closure_unix64_inner() due to the differing sizes    of ffi_closure in 32-bit and 64-bit abi.    + o Check for actual availability of YP functions, not just headers.    -  + o Attempt to use paxctl to alter the PaX flags for the pike binary to +  allow for generation of machine code on NetBSD. +  + o Silence GL deprecation warning and fix a missing definition error on +  Darwin for newer versions of MacOS. +  + o Fix check for my_bool and compilation errors related to MySQL 8. +    Changes since Pike 8.0.610 (release 12)      New Features