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2003-09-27 14:00:08 by H. William Welliver III <>

added notes about compatible versions of autoconf.

Rev: README-CVS:1.22

1: - $Id: README-CVS,v 1.21 2003/03/21 00:25:21 mast Exp $ + $Id: README-CVS,v 1.22 2003/09/27 14:00:08 bill Exp $         HOW TO BUILD PIKE FROM CVS
14:   have not been tested nearly as well as the offcial releases. You use   the code at YOUR OWN RISK.    + NOTE: If you plan on building Pike from CVS, you must have a compatible + version of Autoconf installed. Autoconf version 2.13 and 2.52 are known to + work. Versions 2.53 through at least 2.57 are known to not work. +    There are a few simple steps to get pike from cvs:      1. Get a recent version of cvs.