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2016-04-30 23:13:31 by Martin Nilsson <>

--with-security is no more.

96:   If you want to pass arguments to the configure script (see below), the   simplest way is to use the CONFIGUREARGS variable, like this:    -  make CONFIGUREARGS="--prefix=/usr/local/my-pike --with-security" +  make CONFIGUREARGS="--prefix=/usr/local/my-pike --with-debug"      The arguments passed through CONFIGUREARGS are remembered in the build   tree and reused if CONFIGUREARGS is undefined or the empty string.
135:   --with-poll use poll instead of select   --with-dmalloc compile with memory tracking, makes Pike    very slow, use for debugging only. - --with-security enable internal object security system +          You might also want to set the following environment variables: