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1995-11-12 20:43:20 by Fredrik Hübinette (Hubbe) <>

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Rev: doc/builtin/aggregate:1.3
Rev: doc/builtin/aggregate_list:1.3
Rev: doc/builtin/aggregate_mapping:1.2
Rev: doc/builtin/allocate:1.3
Rev: doc/builtin/arrayp:1.2
Rev: doc/builtin/clone:1.2
Rev: doc/builtin/compile_file:1.2
Rev: doc/builtin/compile_string:1.2
Rev: doc/builtin/destruct:1.2
Rev: doc/builtin/explode:1.2
Rev: doc/builtin/floatp:1.2
Rev: doc/builtin/function_name:1.2
Rev: doc/builtin/function_object:1.2
Rev: doc/builtin/functionp:1.2
Rev: doc/builtin/hash:1.2
Rev: doc/builtin/implode:1.2
Rev: doc/builtin/indices:1.3
Rev: doc/builtin/intp:1.2
Rev: doc/builtin/listp:1.2
Rev: doc/builtin/lower_case:1.2
Rev: doc/builtin/m_delete:1.2
Rev: doc/builtin/mappingp:1.2
Rev: doc/builtin/mkmapping:1.2
Rev: doc/builtin/next_object:1.2
Rev: doc/builtin/object_program:1.2
Rev: doc/builtin/objectp:1.2
Rev: doc/builtin/programp:1.2
Rev: doc/builtin/random:1.3
Rev: doc/builtin/random_seed:1.2
Rev: doc/builtin/replace:1.2
Rev: doc/builtin/reverse:1.2
Rev: doc/builtin/search:1.2
Rev: doc/builtin/sizeof:1.2
Rev: doc/builtin/sscanf:1.2
Rev: doc/builtin/stringp:1.2
Rev: doc/builtin/sum:1.2
Rev: doc/builtin/this_object:1.2
Rev: doc/builtin/upper_case:1.2
Rev: doc/builtin/values:1.3
Rev: doc/builtin/zero_type:1.2

7:   DESCRIPTION    Destruct marks an object as destructed, all pointers and function    pointers to this object will become zero. The destructed object will -  be freed from memory as soon as possible. +  be freed from memory as soon as possible. This will also call +  o->destroyed.    -  + KEYWORDS +  object +    SEE ALSO    clone